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Admin - Stamina + announcement of updates (2020-05-09 20:43:59.0)
  Please note the discussion topics about stamina.
It is proposed to be introduced in the near future.

In addition I decided to focus on the upcoming updates in priority mode:
1. New rules and a new GM system
2. Corrections for items
3. Guild system.
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Admin - Old Forum (2020-04-28 20:11:19.0)
  Old Forum Archive:
  Epoch of Worlds News
Admin - New Forum (2020-04-27 01:33:52.0)
  Forum is available now.
You may activate forum account in game account on site.
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Admin - Lost password Service (2020-04-24 00:15:01.0)
  Its work again now!
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Antok - Bug fix (2020-02-13 15:36:52.0)
  Fixed the portal on the map The Wicked Terrain to the boss at the pyramid.
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Antok - Patch 84 (2020-02-13 04:10:02.0)
  Thank you for the patch to Pasteur who paid for the creation of these maps + the continuation of Rock, which is being prepared for the next patches.

1. Added maps for 60-80 + levels-the Underground city of Drantwil. You can go there from Nefastorum.
2. A small part of items 60+ transferred there.
3. On the maps there are some things 40 and 60 levels of increased rarity. There are a few 80+ items.
4. Some buffs and three mass spells.
The world map in the library will be updated later.
Items and the power of monsters can still be redistributed.

In the upcoming patches, it is planned to:
1. Personal houses
2. GMs for tracking the chat
3. Tournament map
4. Reducing the parameters of things
5. Continuation of Rock maps, partial return of MM
6. Returning quests for the blacksmith and entering rarity for forging
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Antok - Bag fixing (2020-01-21 23:50:12.0)
  Fixed a crash when using alide fiole spell
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Antok - Happy New Year 2020! (2020-01-12 21:55:01.0)
  Happy New Year to everyone!
It's snowing again in SW!
And although the holiday began later, it also plans to end only by the end of February! From new year's snowflakes you can get any things (even for the 80th level), GP, credits, stamina, buffs, experience.

Snow falls in all PvP zones from any monster
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Antok - Patch 83 (2019-11-26 10:33:05.0)
  1. Adgor Surburbs (29) - increased experience
2. Road to Adgar(27,28) - added transitions from bosses back in dungeon, increased experience
3. Ork's Dundgeon (21) - experience added
4. Ork's Dundgeon (35) - added exits from bosses, experience, boss
5. Eros Temple 2 floor, added experience, internal portal
6. Oasis Dungeron 2 - added nebie npc for loot
7. Trolls Castle the first and second floor changed, added the circular path, the exit from boss
7. Den of Bugs - increased experience
8. The price of pearls in Drangot is set at 30%
9. Almost all things have bosses rearranged from rare in the usual drop
10. With Dem Mas spell removed the level limit, added in different bosses
11. The program restrict of the multiclient is removed, it is also not prohibited in the rules
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Antok - Bot using (2019-10-20 21:33:06.0)
  Gellerium deleted for bot using.
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Antok - Update (2019-10-14 16:10:03.0)
  Started breaking items.
Items without a level requirement actually break down with 0 durability. The other only visually yet.
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Antok - Patch 82. (2019-09-29 23:44:28.0)
  1. In Blade added another ring of Niakris, for easier getting it.
2. The key of the destroyed temple to the changes the quest has ceased to be disposable.
3. NoR zones is repaired.
4. Simplified guards for Koriton (boss for archers).
5. Dem mas is back! But! Now it works on the search for bosses!
If you use just "dem mas" - gives you a list of bosses on the surrounding maps.
If "dem mas boss_name" - searches for a specific one.
Not PA - the search for on current and all adjacent maps, i.e. on depth 1.
For PA - the depth of search is two maps.
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Antok - Patch 81. (2019-09-28 21:09:22.0)
  1. Changes on maps with bosses 40-60 - applied zone NoE and / or NoR.
2. The client has a notification that the player is in a special zone:
NoE - No Exit - if you exit the game in this zone, at the entrance the player will move to the respawn point,
NoR - No Respawn - until player is in such zone, bosses, monsters, things not respawning.
The alert is write under the PvP icon.
3. Changed the respawn time of bosses.
4. The client has improved the display of the description of items.
5. The NPC added the ability to take back the arts with the return of the credits.
6. Fixed character escaping when buying from merchants and moving items in the chest/on the ground.
7. Fixed server bug causing crash when crafted some items.
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Antok - Windows 10 (2019-09-16 01:37:53.0)
  If the game does not run, you must run it in Windows 7 compatibility mode.
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Antok - Patch 79 (2019-09-15 21:49:59.0)
  A new system of items has been introduced.
No breakage yet.
All things on 40-60 are available in bosses.
More details can be found in the library.
In the future there will be changes in their location, the maps, the power of the bosses.
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Antok - Error with depot was fixed (2019-05-27 23:14:16.0)
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - Balance (2019-05-27 22:10:16.0)
  In the previous update mistakenly raised not only the minimum damage of warriors, but also the maximum.

In this update, the maximum damage limit has been reverted back.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - Balance (2019-05-12 21:39:16.0)
  1. The impact of the attack on minimum damage has increased for warriors and archers.
2. With the perks for critical damage 30% of the warriors, the value of critical damage additionally enhanced
3. Esani gre leda spell reduce damage down to default (leda = 2 olam).
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Antok - Update client and server (2019-05-12 14:00:39.0)
  Download updated client.

1. Fix reset of server on some bags.
2. Fix problem with drop of monsters in client
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Antok - Updated test client (2019-05-11 21:26:33.0)
  Download new client.
This client runs on the main (not test) server.

Forum Topic for bug reports about new client.

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Antok - the payment system works again (2019-04-20 21:26:43.0)
  The account on the site again includes the ability to automatically purchase credits.
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Antok - Update (2019-03-30 17:23:45.0)
  Please, download run.exe and replace it in game folder.

Update 31/03/2019 15:25: replace run.exe is not required, domain mpog.ru moved to a new address. Sites mpog.ru I shadow-worlds.org now relevant.

However, changes to the dns servers you use may be delayed.
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Antok - Payments from 1 April (2019-03-28 21:53:15.0)
  From 1st April we are not working with Xsolla payments and all payments will be accepted only in manual mode via WebMoney.


The timing of the transition to a new payment service is still unknown.
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Antok - Вопрос о смене линейке опыта (2019-03-18 12:49:08.0)
  На форуме появилась новая тема про смену линейки опыта. В которой я пытаюсь показать почему НЕ надо ее менять. Просьба обратить внимание и принять участие в решении - переводить или нет таблицу опыта на классическую EoS.
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Antok - Premium (2019-03-11 22:05:54.0)
  Всем, у кого был ПА на 24 февраля, добавлено 14 дней к первоначальному сроку.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - New address of SW (2019-03-11 20:38:00.0)
  Мы переехали и запустились на новом сервере.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - Server is Starting! (2019-02-23 03:08:15.0)
  Server is up. However, in the case of critical bugs possible rollback.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - Library! (2019-01-24 23:26:40.0)
Main link to Library.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - Happy New Year! (2019-01-01 21:54:19.0)
  Happy New Year to all of you!
From now on the new year snow is launched!
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Antok - unban for all (2018-12-09 13:28:26.0)
  All the characters got unban
  Epoch of Worlds News
SWTeam - Attention!!! (2018-12-03 20:29:04.0)
  Caution. Starting tomorrow, the punishments for using speedhack will begin. From 30 days to complete removal of character!
  Epoch of Worlds News
SWTeam - Elf (2018-12-01 19:29:27.0)
  My last patch №76!
Enjoy the game! (C) Elf
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SWTeam - Update (2018-11-21 20:30:14.0)
  Fixed portal to the world of the dead
  Epoch of Worlds News
SWTeam - Patch 75 (2018-10-24 23:09:15.0)
  Increased % in the forging areas.
In Drangote on sale items order of light.
In a Magic Tower of ERUs sold things of a Monk.
In Mortum are sold things of the forest.
In the World of the Dead on sale items at 60-80 level.
Added runes for record portal's points.
The vertebrae are now on sale at the forge of Mortum.
Added buffs: +20% to chance forging and x2 drop with bosses.
Added spell: Massive Dark Tree.
In the world of the dead on many maps rearranged monsters.
In the underground world of many monsters changed.
  Epoch of Worlds News
SWTeam - Server is running! (2018-03-24 21:52:49.0)
  Premium players got + 14 days PA
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
SWTeam - SWTeam (2018-01-09 04:52:00.0)
  Tournament 20 January
Details on the forum.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
SWTeam - SWTeam (2017-12-18 17:11:51.0)
  Started go Snow. Continue to 14 January
Double time enhancing skills 9:00,15:00,21:00,03:00.
Happy New Year!
  Epoch of Worlds News
SWTeam - Patch 74 (2017-12-17 00:12:32.0)
  Removed graphical defects.
In the spellbook you can see the remaining number of usages for all magic and buffs.
Fixed NPCs with bottles and doctor.
Buffs with 50 and 100 HP\MP now are cheaper.
The system is skulls is fully working. Details on the forum.
  Epoch of Worlds News
SWTeam - Patch 73 (2017-12-15 04:25:49.0)
  Добавлены 4 карты.
Добавлены 18 бафов, выбиваются, и продаются в магической башне, и банке мортума.
Уменьшен урон у мобов в подземелье руин 2 уровня.
В Мортуме бесплатный лекарь.
В Землях Эльфов эльфы 2 уровня и подземелье эльфов 3 уровня.
В Башне порталов добавлены старые порталы. Теперь переходы платные.
Увеличен дроп гп с эльфов 3 уровня.
Уменьшена Атака у монстров в подземном мире и в землях воительниц.
Торговцу Сорду поступили в продажу большие бутылки маны и хп.
На все вещи установлен шанс дропа 20%.
На Острове духов добавлены в продажу болты.
Все ключи убраны с рар дропа.
С Рехтора убран с дропа Поиск, теперь с него падает Щит охранника, и поножи охранника.
Во многих боссов добавлено в дроп заклинание поиск. Цена на поиск и зов храма снижены (они теперь одноразовые).
В ближайшее время будет введена система черепов (скорее всего на этой неделе).
У каждого заклинания свое количество кастов.
Даблы на опыт отключены.
Опыт со всех монстров х2.
Заклинание Темное дерево с задержкой, шанс срабатывания 80%
Перки можно переключать у Па раз в 1 час, у не Па - 2 часа.
Блесс перенесен на место тату, при смерти пропадает, сохраняет только вещи.
В личный дом можно зайти всем чарам с аккуанта.
  Epoch of Worlds News
SWTeam - Patch 73 (2017-07-06 02:23:42.0)
  A blacksmith was added to Erus.
Many bosses in the World of the dead are strengthened.
In Mortum, an opportunity to sell vertebrae has been added to the NPC.
In the Drangote, the value of the sale has been increased.
Added 4 maps for top levels.
Fixed typos in the texts.
Fixed minor bugs on maps.

For social activities, the development of the creative component of the game (comics all sorts, pictures ... support VC group ...), drawing things, Shut gets ... the Shut cap! (Gift from Antok).

To the questions where? what ? as? Do not respond (c) Elf
  Epoch of Worlds News
SWTeam - Patch 71 (2017-06-15 01:38:13.0)
  Added 2 new maps and 3 bosses
Removed a lot of small bugs.
Reduced physical damage and reduced experience of swordsmen in the location of the Tomb.
Increased damage, experience, hp, defense for undeads in new maps.
Removed the registration from the Elf Land warehouse.
Removed the registration in the houses, and now they are closed.
  Epoch of Worlds News
SWTeam - Patch 70 (2017-06-06 22:41:34.0)
  Some fixes
  Epoch of Worlds News
SWTeam - Patch 69 (2017-06-06 00:06:13.0)
  Chance of the drop of all things decreased.
Some keys are unique.
Added 4 maps for top levels.
Added 1 map for the mages of 15-40 lvl.
The minuses are removed from the things of the Priest.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - New Main Admin of Server (2017-05-22 01:37:13.0)
  Now Elf is a new Main Admin of the EoW server.

Details on the forum .

I remain in the development of the server part, but I do not need to address me on any issues.

At the same time, all rules except 12 and 14 are canceled in the game.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Buffs (2017-05-05 21:29:28.0)
  Reduced the duration of buffs. Now buffs at + 50hp/mp, + 200hp/mp, + 500hp/mp till 60, 30 and 15 minutes
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Bugs & Fixs: Forum Thread (only russian languadge) (2017-04-24 10:58:40.0)
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Server is running! (2017-04-21 23:21:24.0)
  The server is running in the normal mode. If there are critical errors, we will roll back to the current moment.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - The server is temporarily down (2017-04-18 01:11:11.0)
  The server is closed until the weekend to fix critical bugs
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Server started! (2017-04-09 17:41:29.0)

Those who had a PA at the time the server was stopped received a bonus for 2 month PA.

Those who did not have PA, but made other payments, received a bonus for 1 month PA.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Rules of the Forum (2017-01-25 11:17:09.0)
  Rules updates.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Snow (2017-01-13 20:46:24.0)
  From tonight until the end of Sunday the snow falls again! Happy new year!
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Gifts for the holidays (2017-01-13 18:33:15.0)
  I added credits for bonuses 8 Jan.

Result of the PvP day:
forum Topic.
Because of failures in the PK list and the issues with PvP day, the rewards will be, but not like it was planned.

17 Jan - its expected issuance of awards for PvP day and the credits obtained from the snow.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Guild Battle (2017-01-08 15:45:57.0)
  Yesterday was the last holiday battle.
Guild CCCP have won the island!

The next fight is likely to be the last weekend of January. There will be a maximum of 6 guilds.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - PvP Day (2017-01-06 20:19:56.0)
  PvP day is over. Prematurely due to errors on the server and some organizational mistakes. Gifts will still be. Most likely next week.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - PvP Day (2017-01-06 04:56:35.0)
  PvP Day has begun!
Experience X50, skills X10.
Everyone starts from zero level.
Toplist is updated every 15 minutes.
In count killing characters above level 40.

PvP day ends 07.01.17 at 01:00 (GMT+3).

The results will be gifts, depending on the degree of activity it can be gifts and for counting the murders and for top levels/skills.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - First Guild Battle! (2017-01-04 22:42:02.0)
  Первый бой гильдий завершен.
Поздравляем с победой Chlenix!
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Happy new 2017 year! (2016-12-31 22:11:10.0)
  We wish you all Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
Planning our new year, we always hope for the best, dreaming, making a wishes.
I'd like to wish you everything you were dreamed of come true!
And we wish your plans would realized as the best of it!

We've decided to postpone the introduction of guild patch to make it even better.
But the battles for isles will occur earlier and the first one will take place back on theese holidays.

Weather forecast call for snow for the whole holidays in Shadow Worlds.

Holiday's battles schedule:
1 january: Battle for guild isle at 22:00
4 january: Battle for guild isle at 21:00
7 january: Battle for guild isle at 20:00

In addition you the following presents are waiting for you:
1st january - taking rest and preparing yourself for evening battle :)
2nd january - dem mas doesn't work, double experience all day (and yeah, for double exp hours as well ;))!
3rd january - double gp drop for all day
4th january - snowflakes drops more often, guild battle at the evening
5th january - Double drop rates
6th january - PvP day! Everyone who logs in the game that day appears as 0 level in special maps, where you can a tons of experience in the blink of an eye, find items and carry out a massacre )))
7th january - Stamina doesn't lose for this day! You'd better begin stockpiling your dem mas immune :)
8th january - Every credit purchase is 50% off! And double gp drop again this day!
(in case of unworkability of auto drop/exp experience it will be dona manually the next day, so don't worry :) )

The patch:
Slight fixes the keys fix is among them.
Requirements for the dem mas immunity quest has been changed: now you need 7 zombie hands, 3 mouse tails and 10 backbones.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Fixed bugs (2016-12-29 17:30:36.0)
  1. exp from monsters for firebomb spell
2. tek hamel
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Patch 62 (2016-12-19 04:06:17.0)
  An accident happend in the mines of Mortum! After long excavations support beams has broken and mines has been collapsed. Deep under the debris Mortum's rescue squad accidently came across a tracks which lead to Underworld, however all the paths are collapsed it will take some time to clear the passage. Government of Mortum urged to mobilize every free miners and blacksmith to help to clear the rubble. Under the debris stone golems began to appear - highly dangerous creatures workers are not recommended to fight with them. Many of those who were working that night turned to undeads and pose no risk even for miners and may carry with them a lot of valuables. There are hucksters appeared in the mines who could reward you with fine blacksmith equipment through some form of assistance.

1. New map for blackmiths! On the place of mortum mines.
2. New quest system! Mortum guard gives one and the rest two are on the new blacksmith map.
3. Pearls and backbones could be sold for 15% of selling price in the Houses. There are two portals in there. It is free for now.
4. Restored default parameters on 40+ items.
5. Dead world is the best place to level up for 60+ level characters, damage and health decreased, experience gained increased, On the Road to the Temple of fire increased gp drop, increased experience gained on Rok island. In Castle of Trolls and Pirate land increased experience gained. Decreased defence and attack power in Swampland and Enchanted forest.
6. Increased keys drop chance to 10% to make it a lot easier to get through to Dead world. To vacate locations for low level characters such as Temple of fire, Mines of Drangot, Castle of paladins.
7. Added a new map for solo leveling in Edgor.
8. Removed delay to cast alide atego for warriors and any other classes as well.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Patch 60 (2016-11-27 19:41:19.0)
  1. Alide atego now has now delay if used by archers
2. Alide atego has less chance to be successfully used by 1% per level difference between characters.
3. Fixed some issues with magic training. As well as unjustified waste of stamina while using shield by mages.
4. Dem mas can no longer be used at double skill times. Also fixed dem mas usability in some prohibited occasions.
5  Esani gre leda damage now has its "final state" average damage ratio between standart and overpowered version last patch.
6. Personal houses in mortum exits is now opened. At present you're able to just come and look. In future the houses will become available to rent.
7. From now the player who has PA can change perks once every 3 hours, 6 hours for non-PA.
8. Fixed bug with hp/mp regenaration perks.
9. Bless price is now decreased to 80 credits and gp version to 8k.
10.Slightly decreased moel damage in Undead world.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - alide atego (2016-11-25 15:49:31.0)
  Last updated about alide atego:
1. The warrior has a delay in PvP and PvE.
2. Mage no delay.
3. Archer the delay Only in PvP.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Patch 59. (2016-11-25 14:34:36.0)
  Some changes to spells and PA.

1. Returned spells of healing tree and lanur for all professions
2. alide atego using with delay. Runes still without delay.
3. A slightly modified combat spells.
4. Premium stopped giving non drop, but it gives a reduction of losses by death, including lowering the probability of items drop.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Patch 58. (2016-11-24 18:33:32.0)
  Added the world of Karend, the entrance is closed yet.
Added a spells dem mas and tek hamel.
Reinforced bosses and monsters.
In some places increased drop GP.
The storm is decreased, changed some other spells.
Fixed various bugs after server restart.
Fixed bans and silences.
Full change list on russian forum.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - SW 3d (2016-11-21 13:07:32.0)
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Server started! (2016-11-14 02:09:06.0)
  The server is launched in an normal mode!
The updating of guilds system is expected a bit later.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Start on the weekend! (2016-11-09 01:52:06.0)
  Over the weekend, the server is scheduled to roll back to April 2016 and run in normal mode.

Along with starting the server will update the guild system. In the old guilds leaving only their guild masters. Guild will give bonuses, but they will have to gain exp and levels. With each level will be a small bonus to drop gp and experience of members of the guild, and 2 points to improve guild skills. Including the need to raise up the maximum number of players in the guild.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Server (2016-11-04 03:15:31.0)
  The new version of the server is launched. Check, write about errors at a forum. If everything is normal, next week there will be a rollback of a game base and will start server in the normal mode
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Discussions of the future innovations. (2016-10-14 17:35:24.0)
  Vote. Guild's levels.
Discussion. Guild's levels.
Discussion. dem mas
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Server is running (2016-10-05 17:30:06.0)
  The server is started as of April 2016. At the end of the test we will roll back the database.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Server (2016-10-04 21:28:56.0)
  Starting EoV PvP server is delayed.
I think we wil start it tomorrow.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW starting (2016-10-03 17:47:21.0)
  Server "EoW" will be launched today. It will be rolled back base after ending test. So you may consider it as a PvP version.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Servers (2016-10-03 09:26:42.0)
  The site runs completely.

Testing performance without game servers. After the previous launch any unforeseen problems that result had to reinstall everything.
Further, according to the plan:
1. Installation of game servers this week
2. The launch of the private test server.
3. The next week start work on installing the patch, its running, configuring, updating. All in a private test server.

In the end of October, maybe we open public test server, or private testing with invitation only.

EoW server will be started on the character's base of April, but with some updates.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Servers (2016-09-19 09:14:34.0)
The server has moved to a new location.
We are now working with its setting and the new patch
SWC server is running will not be.
EoW server will be started after the completion of upgrades and patches.
When the server is opened it is not known yet.
Follow the news.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - transfer of characters (2015-08-04 12:33:57.0)
  On August 10th, 2015 to all characters on the server passwords will be reset. It will be possible to restore them by sending from the site through the Forgot the Password service. From this point we start controlling the rule about a ban of transfer of characters to another players. After that it will be authorized to transfer characters to other player only at change of the registered mail.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW. Patch 55. (2015-07-31 20:46:22.0)
  Shops and guardians returned to Mortum
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW. New Game Masters (2015-07-06 22:08:15.0)
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW. Update. (2015-06-10 17:03:56.0)
  Portals on the arena from Erus and Elves Lands are closed.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Big unban (2015-06-07 17:58:48.0)
  All characters unbanned.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Update (2015-06-07 17:52:54.0)
  Из-за ошибки с удалением ГП (да-да... это была случайность, которую в итоге решили попробовать ввести в игру, чтобы не делать откат) сервер восстановлен на состояние 05.06.15 01:00 (по серверному времени). Извиняюсь за это происшествие.

Украденные из магазина вещи были замечены у таких боссов:
Димон, Ларен, Дракан, Один, Гул, Зорд, Царица, Ордис, Ротрэк, Тургаз, Бихи, Рехтор, Тарк, Витор, Гирд, Эолиот, Ансир, Уртак, Шелдон
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW. Patch 54 (2015-06-06 22:06:16.0)
  On numerous complaints about the high drop things, it was decided to return the old system of loot. = 2%.
and Reduced the probability to loot money (from 30% to 20%).
Now Guild does not give an additional bonus to the money drop.
Price of Amulet bless increased to 30 000 gp / 150 Credits.
Magic healing spell works correctly - heal as hazda but removes the tree and lanur spells.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - EoW. Patch 53 (2015-04-29 02:39:50.0)
  In the Mortum was fixed NPC - corrected description about the required spheres, and what you get from them.
In the World of the Dead was appeared a depot. Be careful, in the depot is allowed battle mode.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW. Patch 51 (2015-04-19 21:50:06.0)
  The npc in Mortum added for a smiths which wasn't enough.
In Mortum's bank a bracelet and an amulet for the archer are added.
Some arts for the smith are deleted.
In the World of Dead bosses are strengthened, the fire storm spell is added.
Parameters of items for the 40th level are corrected. On all items the binding to professions is established.
Twice reduced price for purchase of crystals.
The spell of magic healing received a binding to a profession the magician and was removed from all warriors who managed to learn it.
And also we remind that all drafts of the 60th level items are got in the World of the dead, all quests working.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW. Update. (2015-03-30 18:00:05.0)
  The error with monster's heal is corrected.
The probability of money drop is increased.
The probability of rare drop from bosses is increased.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - bug fixed (2015-01-29 14:28:01.0)
  Fixed a bug with the rise to Level 1
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Update (2015-01-25 22:25:57.0)
  1. Spells of poisoning and burning are strengthened for the rune mages.
2. Influence of spells of healing is changed: the light healing as strong, strong healing as magic, and magic healing only remove effects of all spells, but doesn't restore life. Manna expenses for easy and strong healings are appropriately raised.
3. The bugs allowing to gather more than three identical runes are corrected.
4. Influence of the defence mode is reduced for warriors.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Important subjects at the forum (2015-01-24 12:31:42.0)
  1. Problems with the advent of long old bans after silence or a small bans.

2. Preliminary results of competition with prizes in the credits. Results and delivery of prizes will be in February. Competition will end on January 31st.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Patch 187 (2015-01-15 02:47:08.0)
  -Mana's damage reduced twice for all, except rune mages.
- Warriors are slightly weakened.
- Archers are slightly reinforced.
- Significant changes with enter/exit system. Within the battle minute you will pay 10k for enter, enter is free out of the battle minute. For your convenience we add special PVP minute indicator.
- Top stuff vendors are all now in different places in Karend.
- Some changes for Bosses.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Update (2015-01-12 23:08:30.0)
  Retentions has been removed from the fire eye and fire storm spells.
Fire storm spell is now available for rune writing.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Update (2015-01-11 23:00:15.0)
  - HP and MANA increased twice, level's HP and parameter's like endurance and mana.
- Mana damage decreased for 1.63 times.
- Mana consuption for rune writing are increased for 3 times.
- There is a maximum number of 3 runes with a same spell you can have on your rune mage. When you drop spelled rune on the floor or put into a warehouse, rune will clear off the spell from it.
- Fixed creation of the Blessed Amulet.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - New year challenge! (2014-12-31 21:12:57.0)
  Поздравляем всех с Новым Годом!
С наступлением праздников в Каренде, как и обычно, начал падать новогодний снег!
Кроме того, на сервере классики с нового года стартует два турнира! (сроки окончания будут озвучены позже).

Первый - персональный. За ПК игроки выше 400 уровня будут получать очки.
Главный приз = 10000 кредитов!
Участвовать могут все! Количество опыта на сервере сильно увеличено, так что есть возможность начать с нуля и подняться до высоких уровней! При получении призов владельцам выигравших аккаунтов надо будет указать получателя приза, который может быть персонажем любого сервера!
Количество призовых мест рассчитаем позже, посмотрев активность игроков.

Второй турнир - гильдийский. Стартует через несколько дней. Продлится 2-3 месяца. Победившая гильдия получит гильдийскую тату (возможно не только). В связи с этим количество членов гильдии будет ограничено до 20. Даем вам время подумать и собрать составы для войны! Подсчет очков будет вестись примерно так же, как в войнах гильдий на ЭоВ.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Armageddon (2014-12-31 20:44:25.0)
  Chapter 1 - Carend Empire

Carend is a great empire. Since the beginning of time no Alliance was able to get over the great walls of Carend’s citadel. The most ancient among the known folks occupied this land for centuries and suffered attacks of marauders, gangsters, evil spirits and even natural disasters. However nothing could break the spirit of these great people...

Chapter 2 – God’s Punishment

Gods closely watched the inhabitants of Carend Empire. At first Gods found it enjoyable to observe their creations fighting each other for nothing. However, later on the warriors started to loose command over themselves, with some even going crazy because of the uncontrolled power they acquired after the overthrow of Lucifer. The overthrow of Lucifer was the first warning for Gods, meaning that they might be next to repeat his fate. The Council of the Gods decided to wipe out Carend Empire in order to eliminate the danger looming over them. Within seconds the capital of Carend and its outskirts were burned to ashes by a sudden meteor rain sent down by Gods. The Empire ceased to exist, and, in order to prevent people from restoring it, Gods inhabited this land with monstrous, but dull forces. Brave marauders, who were quick to arrive, plundered the remains of what was previously the armor: even the strongest gear was broken down into tiny pieces, and so were its owners.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Server will be closed (2014-08-10 19:51:10.0)
  17 aug
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Guildwar (2014-07-12 17:48:24.0)
  Declaration of war is unavailable.
Wars of guilds on this server it isn't expected soon.
Now it is impossible to kill in a nonPvP zones.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Lost password recovery service (2014-04-25 01:46:47.0)
  is again works now!
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Lost password (2014-04-23 16:02:05.0)
  Service of recovery of passwords temporarily doesn't work.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW. News (2014-01-15 19:48:47.0)
  Removed bosses from island ROK that shouldn't be there.
Thieves got into the Elves Dungeon and stole a crystal from a chest.
On the second floor of the enchanted forest incorrectly standing monster, allowing up skills is removed.
Emeralds removed from the Nefastorum.
Experience in the Elves Dungeon, Lands of Elves, Dungeon of Minerals is corrected towards reduction.
Restriction on skills is cleaned.
The probability of loss of skills for neutrals not in guild lower than 31 levels is lowered.

In the following update other system of losses will be entered. Characters who killed very few people for all the time of the game won't lose anything at deaths in PVP.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW. Blessing amulet (2014-01-09 18:54:23.0)
  Блесс won't prevent from losses of skills and experience. It keeps only things!
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Snowflakes (2014-01-09 18:14:14.0)
  Drop of snowflakes on the server is stopped.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Snowflakes (2014-01-03 16:37:44.0)
  The probability of falling on both servers is increased.
On the EOW server the probability of distribution of gifts is changed.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW. Patch 50 (2014-01-02 13:51:48.0)
  Snowflakes are corrected.
Purchase of things at NPC is corrected.
The bottles of Stamina are corrected.
The exit from the arena is made - returns there, from where came, or on a respawn point.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
antok - Happy New Year! (2013-12-31 18:46:50.0)
  For the SWC Server the client of game update on the version in which settings is the separate file and it is possible to adjust colors. Be careful, all bands in the ini file will get off!

On the EOW server - LOSSES RETURNED to all players (not important in guilds or not) after the 20th level! Be attentive!
Losses out of guilds are still lower, but they are!

Bottle of stamina are on sale in a small village about Edgor, attentively read restrictions on them.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW. (2013-12-29 04:54:24.0)
  Once again I remind - an autoentrance/autoexit are forbidden!
I warn the second and last time - remove similar programs that there was no temptation. Otherwise further removals will follow soon. And nobody will listen to the fairy tale that you so quickly click it with a mouse.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW (2013-12-26 14:30:11.0)
  The character Guf is deleted on point of rules 8 for automation of a logon and logout from game and automatic collecting gp and resources
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW (2013-12-24 18:19:27.0)
  In war of guilds by safe places the temple, Mortum's warehouse, Mortum's bank and a warehouse of the city of shadows are only.
In other places you can kill, be more careful.

Regen of Stamina is corrected.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoS 2 (2013-12-24 09:40:22.0)
  The server isn't supported.
Rules of the server are abolished.
No updatings of the game world any more will exist.
No complaints, wishes, offers are accepted.
It isn't planned to switch off the server yet.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW (2013-12-24 09:22:37.0)
  Due to the become frequent requests about sales between players in game, once again we declare:

Any sales between players for real money, whether it be gp, things, artifacts, characters - are FORBIDDEN.
Except separate exceptional cases. Such case we had only one, the second already was with great reserve.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW. Guild war (2013-12-22 23:54:01.0)
  Declaration of war works through the page of guilds.
The PK counter doesn't grow during war, but guards react to any PVP as before.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW (2013-12-22 20:14:44.0)
  The server works in a normal mode, the base of players is restored for evening of yesterday.
Declaration of war yet doesn't work
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW (2013-12-22 16:58:02.0)
  Server started. Declaration of guildwar yet doesn't work.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW (2013-12-21 22:43:02.0)
  I apologize, but, unfortunately, the server will be switched off about one tomorrow.
Tomorrow the error will be corrected and the server is started.
The exact time of start isn't known.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW. Patch 46 (2013-12-21 21:13:04.0)
  - Requirements for level work correctly now.
- The spell "shift" (gos tras) demands level 25, sales in a magic tower, "shout" demands level 20.
- The spell "shift" works only between characters in nonPvP.
- Trade in an offline is available only on nonPvP maps. However the game client will offer it on all maps.
- The spell "alide hota" demands a profession the warrior.
- Experience losses at deaths are strongly increased. It is less for nonguild players .
- The "beta version" of guilds wars is entered. On the page with guilds it is possible to declare/finish war. The rating of guilds depending on murders in war is entered. Guards doesn't react on PvP between guilds in a state of war, the kill counter doesn't increase. The interval between declaration of war on a site and its real beginning in game can be about 5 minutes. Pay attention to colors of names of guilds in game.
- Parameters of weapons 40-60, 60-80 are corrected.
- The user settings are postponed in separate .ini file and won't spoil when updating the client.
- In .ini file there are options for set names/guilds colors.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW. Patch 45 (2013-12-19 18:29:40.0)
  - Sale of arrows and bolts is corrected.
- The requirement of items for level and a profession if they are is displayed now.
- "gos tras name" spell is entered. Works within an account, or with that character who resolved previously it the "tras name" command. Transfers a thing from the first cage of inventory to the character with the entered name. The spell need 25 level.
- During trade now it is possible to logoff, the character remains in game until you again enter for him. It won't prevent you to come in other character from an account.
- Restriction on a spell "tek sa" is reduced to the 20th level.
- Bless's purchase is corrected - now he is correctly bought one time per day.
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - Bank of Mortum (2013-12-13 13:06:22.0)

Внимание! Артефакты в банке Мортума доступны к продаже. Но обратите внимание, что на большей части вещей, доступных к продаже за кредиты стоит еще и цена в гп! Вы не сможете купить такие вещи только за кредиты - понадобятся еще и гп. Кроме того, на всех вещах за кредиты стоит требование по уровню и профессии!.

jsp функции

Artifacts in the Bank of Mortum available for sale. But please note that most of the things available for credits has additional price in gp! You can't buy such things only credits - and need the gp too!

In addition, all things for credits worth requirement level and profession!
  Epoch of Worlds News
antok - EoW. Patch 44 (2013-12-13 12:52:40.0)
  Fixed rates on artifacts.
Fixed description and lowered the price to blessing amulet.

Automatic eating fish is now tracked in log file and is punishable according to rule 8 - removing character or ban 999 days.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW (2013-12-09 18:13:30.0)
  The server is started/
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW. Update. (2013-12-09 13:00:21.0)
  The server is suspended for update with stamina.

In addition - using of the bug with bow will be logging. For which punishment - a ban 999 or removal.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
Antok - EoW News (2013-12-01 02:25:40.0)
  Training of skills is blocked for two-three days.
Except the smith and miner.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW. New Game Master (2013-11-29 15:16:12.0)
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW update (2013-11-27 18:23:04.0)
  Restrictions on the greatest possible skills are entered:
- weapon, shield, healing, fishing no more than 200;
- magic, bow, rune magic no more than 160;
- smith, theft, miner, resistance no more than 120.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
Antok - My account page (2013-11-22 20:06:12.0)
  It is possible to change a name of the character now for the credits on the page of your account
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
Antok - SWC и EoW (2013-11-20 06:32:53.0)
  New options of purchase of the credits with instant transfer are available. It is possible to buy the credits on the page of the Premium and in the "My Account".

In "My Account" on a site now it is possible most to include the PAS for the credits. But only on the russian version of site.
However in options of payment there were also payment options for foreigners.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW. Unban for all players. (2013-11-18 13:52:56.0)
  If you don't want not to play next time some months and to wait for the next amnesty, will be more attentively relatively to rules. Especially to discussion of punishments and administration actions.

Some players were deleted before the amnesty.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW. Patch 42. (2013-11-18 13:41:13.0)
  The chance of forging of gold ingots is reduced.
Portals on the arena in Erus, Land of the Elves are added.
The Doctor in Erus and Land of the Elves is added.
It is impossible to leave the Arena now!

It is given unban for all character!
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW. Rules. (2013-10-18 17:53:16.0)
  The rule 2.7 is cancelled.
AFK + a macro on the server are resolved.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW. News. (2013-10-18 17:18:02.0)
  - Maps Of The Land Of The Elves added
- Changed % of forging Spheres
- 3 new boss
- 2 new spell
- removed profession from items and spells
- first level of tattoo give +5 now.
- x2 experience on Moscow time:
- x2 speed of a raising skills, Moscow time:
Removed the rule № 2.7
Macro + AFK resolved!
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW. Patch 32 и 33. (2013-09-09 18:48:47.0)
  Correction of errors of a patch 31.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW. Server updating + Patch 31. (2013-09-09 18:27:42.0)
  1. The bug with gold ingots is corrected. The character of Dwarf received for the found bug in an award the drawing of the sphere of the sky.
2. Return of PVP of maps.
3. The first part of "new system of guilds":
- the character not in guild gets for 10% of experience less;
- the character in guild receive from monsters 50% more gp;
- characters with neutral and dangerous PK status and not in guilds don't lose experience and skills at deaths from other players;
- characters in guilds don't lose experience and skills at deaths from the character out of guild;
- things fall as usual at all.
4. The penalty for an exit from guild, works week:
- it is impossible to set a guild label;
- minus of 20% of experience from monsters;
- minus of 10% to the speed of increasing of skills;
- minus 10% to damage from weapon and magic.

In a patch 31 requirements to perks are changed, now them receive at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 75 and 80 levels.

On other servers of changes isn't present, they were updated only for reduction to a uniform type of a database in which for the described changes it was necessary to make changes.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW. Patch 30. (2013-09-09 12:53:58.0)
  Monsters in the Enchanted forest are changed and rearranged.
The new map - the Enchanted forest, the second floor is added.
The Cerberus is moved away, instead of him now the Queen on the second floor.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW. Patch 29 (2013-09-06 16:05:17.0)
- new location (an entrance on it from the Tower of portals) is required a key.
- 3 new bosses.
- Almost all things 20-40 levels can drop from bosses.
- The drop chance of a spell the Fire Wall is corrected.
- Practically all maps in the Dead World were corrected \changed.
- Monsters in the Dead World are rearranged\changed.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
Tier - Patch 182 (2013-09-01 13:41:26.0)
  The water in the protected forest area in the tower guild Evil cleared and the fish back there. A small population of the Bay of hermits.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW Server. (2013-08-28 18:47:21.0)
  The spell "tek sa" is available now only from the 35th level.
Speed of a raising of a skill a hammer (dagger) at the smith is reduced three times.

In a patch 24 the Zord's Labyrinth map is added.
Also now there is a prison testing - a new type of punishments therefore more frequent resets are possible.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
Antok - SWC+EOW rules. (2013-08-28 18:41:52.0)
For SWC the point was added:
1.8. In case of chat violation of the rules punishment can be applied to a mults and to the general characters.
For EoW two points are added:
14.1. In case of chat violation of the rules punishment can be applied to a mults and to the general characters.
14.2 . The player who has broken these rules, can receive the prevention from employees of SWTeam; serious violations or repeated violations can lead to other sanctions, such as temporary or continuous blocking of the account. Besides, in punishment for some violations of SWTeam reserve the right to delete characters or accounts if consider it necessary, or to increase/reduce terms of bans.

The previous punishments to which now there correspond these points, were punished by the rule 14. As similar cases became frequent, was decided to add point about mult-chars in the rules.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
Antok - EoW (2013-08-22 19:37:06.0)
  Server started
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
Antok - EoW. Server. (2013-08-20 18:00:49.0)
  We hope that it will to start tomorrow by the evening.
But maybe we can not be in time.
Some changes are required.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW. Server closed. (2013-08-18 22:50:02.0)
  To the solution of questions of the last days
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW. Patch 20. (2013-08-12 18:14:35.0)
  In the Enchanted Forest there was a Cerberus!!!
It is rumored that the Cerberus appears from the dead world.
Banker of the Mortum found ancient things of old smiths in a cellar.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW. Patch 19. (2013-08-01 14:21:23.0)
  The client is updated.
The 99 display on some things is corrected.
"Alt+T" hot key for switching on/off of transparency of the top layer of maps (trees, homes, roofs, etc.) is added
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW. Patch 18. (2013-08-01 13:02:04.0)
  It is a lot of centuries back, Mayor Mortum sent the group to searches of new lands.
And any more who didn't hear about them. And here they returned and told as to reach the Captivated Wood! !
Manufacturers of things on the island of spirits have attacks of rats. Rats steal and spoil things!
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW. Rule's addon (2013-07-31 18:29:21.0)
  11.1 Discussion of punishments/bans / анбанов in the general chat of game and at a forum is forbidden. For this purpose there is a technical support and mail abuse@mpog.ru.

Punishment for the rule - from ban 30 days to delete of characters.

Is accepted about 21:00 today.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
Tier - Shadow Worlds news (2013-07-26 18:18:19.0)
  Rejoice Karenda nice people!
Supreme magicians were able to break the seals with teleport spells Cursed Maze and surrounding land!
Cursed Marshes can now lead you to unknown lands! But be careful, magicians dark circle enchanted statue and now they are very dangerous!
Master also has balanced the position of some guilds, which locks a chur remotely. Now they open new routes!
And also made ​​a new pact with Lovers endless expanses of the seas. Their ships from Hermit Bay for a modest fee will take you to the destination.
Well, sad news - the seller vertebrae left their homes - had to move to a place infested by beetles.
Too frequent in possession Werwolf glorious warriors the world of shadows. Werwolf decided to take the fight.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
Tier - Werfolk (2013-07-26 08:25:50.0)
  Long tunnels Mortuma research led to an unexpected discovery. Great miners shadow world was open passage to the island a powerful magician Werfolk. He closed the castle and did not allow myself to. The destroyed guard at the castle only angers him. But patience is the end. One day he will open the gates that would avenge the dead servants. Only very persistent able to master mask Werfolk.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
Antok - Ban system changed on all servers. (2013-07-25 12:58:40.0)
  Now terms of a ban are considered correctly. If gave a ban today at 12:54 for one day, it will pass EXACTLY in a day - tomorrow at 12:54, instead of at night (by server's time) as was earlier.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
Antok - Table of bans (2013-07-24 03:23:50.0)
  Since a present time on SWC, and from tomorrow on all other servers, comments to bans are added.
Now in the table of bans on a site it is possible to look who and why gave out punishment.
But it is only into Russian. The reasons of punishments won't be translated into English.
  Shadow Worlds: Classic
Antok - EoW. Patch 17 (2013-07-22 04:23:53.0)
  The table of experience is simplified. Because of it players will receive some time on level for each monster (from 1 to 5 levels, depending on their experience)
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW is starting! (2013-07-22 03:57:27.0)
  Now the server is premium. But I will switch off a premium mode and switch on payments in the next few days
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - EoW server shutdown. (2013-06-16 14:44:11.0)
  For technical reasons the EoW server won't work all next week. Switching off of the server will happen tomorrow about 9-00 GMT+4.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - Patch 16 (2013-06-14 20:28:07.0)
  1 . 2 security guards are moved away Erus.
2 . The bug in Mortum is corrected. The paid doctor on the right side from the temple is added.
3 . In red zombies manna balm, in ordinary trolls - life balm is added.
4 . At the weapon 0-40 levels characteristics are corrected.
5 . The price of a rune of the temple is established 500 GP.
6 . Rules of the game are changed. Punishments for rules No. 2.1, No. 2.2 are changed, rules No. 7, changed rules No. 8.
7 . The PA for all players is prolonged for one day. It will be ended tomorrow, on Saturday.
  Epoch of Worlds News
Antok - Premium for EoW (2013-06-11 20:53:49.0)
  web money:
  • R405607929407
  • Z114398368216
  • U338213356586
    Support for notice about payments.
    Premium for all players on server will be ended in 14 june.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Forum (2013-06-04 09:28:57.0)
      new hosting
      Epoch of Worlds News
    Antok - New server is starting! (2013-06-02 20:44:11.0)
      All players have a gift - free week of PA!
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Test of New Server (2013-05-28 01:27:27.0)
      The test of the new server is started. During registration select the EoW item. Loading of the client is available in the section "Download". On the end of the test the server will be wiped.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New server! Coming soon =) (2013-05-23 13:57:33.0)
      We start the new server soon. It quite strongly differs from all previous.
    Today the section of a forum of the new server is open where some of innovations which already practically all are complete are slightly opened and will be precisely present.

    About date of opening of registration and date of start of the server it will be reported later.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Patch 176 (2013-02-12 18:37:27.0)
      The corrected portals in guilds: in everyone guilds there will be a portal to the Underground City and one unique, chosen in a random way. NPC in guilds will be to sell now a manna bottle, health potion, arrows, fish net, bolts.
    In the future portals can be changed using game resources. How it can be made it isn't solved yet.
    Personal houses remained without changes.

    The new client, allowing "to stretch" the client up to the resolution of 1024 instead of 800 and full screen option is included in a patch.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - sms paids for russian (2013-02-07 22:41:01.0)
      only russian news
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Server's modernization (2013-02-01 14:35:41.0)
      Approximately in an hour both servers will be switched off for equipment modernization.
    The site will be inaccessible within several hours.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Planned works on server (2013-01-25 13:03:42.0)
      works are postponed to the next week
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Planned works on server (2013-01-18 12:33:32.0)
      For January 25 (the next Friday), about 16-00, shutdown of both servers for the purpose of modernization of the server equipment is planned. Servers won't work some days, and until the end of Saturday the site won't work also.
    The forum and technical support will be available as are on other resources. In advance keep to yourself links if you plan to use them during shutdown of the main site.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Server started (2013-01-09 17:08:47.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Happy New Year! (2012-12-29 16:12:53.0)
      Small new year path and snowflake event!
      Epoch of Worlds News
    EoS-Admin - New GM (2012-12-14 19:07:14.0)
      Since this point we have new GameMaster - Aleftina. His duties included monitoring the chat, and compliance rules.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New Game Master (2012-12-13 16:41:16.0)
      SWC Server
    New GM - Xperia
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Rules changed (2012-12-04 16:10:15.0)
      Rules was changed for both servers.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Tier - The new address for tech support (2012-11-28 22:18:14.0)
      On 28/11/2012 Support works at the new address http://shadow-worlds.ru/
    The old address will be available during the week.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Servers were started (2012-11-13 02:19:02.0)
      Both servers work.
    Tests aren't complete up to the end. Servers aren't completely stable.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Server's troubles (2012-11-06 20:22:20.0)
      Both servers are started. As a result of the mistake which have corrupted in base it was necessary to make return of all characters at 3:00 on November 4th.

    I'm sorry for this.
    The option of any compensation to players of a downtime is considered. We will tell what exactly it will be made later.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Update (2012-10-16 22:01:36.0)
      Updated the client and the server of the Classic and EoS.
    There is no new maps and other game content in a patch.
    1. Guild Depot.
    Master of the Guild give access to it. He can configure the permissions each of each guild member - only view and replenishment of storage/ taking resources from the depot. In the future, will add an additional mode - password protection.
    Any member of the Guild, which are allowed to view the depot, can see the permissions of other characters, and also to look at the "history of the exchange." At the current moment you can see the whole history over the last 31 days, or the history of a particular player. To view the player needs to click on it the nickname in the section of the permissions. It is possible to save the history to a file in the folder of the game.
    Function of select the time range will be added later.
    2. Water changed on the maps with the old style textures.
    3. The spell "dem mas" now is not displayed in the chat line. Be careful. Information about it is given in the additional status bar, and you can see the history of the "dem mas" chat in tab "battle".
    4. Fixed the problem with the inability to set the Guild Lable.
    5. Fixed cursors.
    6. In some of the menu is possible to scroll the contents by the mouse wheel.
    7. Added the function to change the speed of the auto-fishing. The details in the online help within the game.
    8. In the Classic Server call down of guild change reduced to 7 days, from the date of set of the last guild label. Fixed display of the remaining hours.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Server is starting (2012-08-09 20:49:29.0)
      All the things received by last bug, have been removed.
    The last two of the patch are disabled.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Server is shutdown (2012-08-07 20:13:16.0)
      Today will not work. At this time, without the restore of base, but it will take time for the removal of another "party" illegally items.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Server (2012-08-03 17:11:52.0)
      The EoS server will be stopped for some time for restoration of base of SWC at 3:33 on August 1st. Then both servers will be started.
    Work will last about half an hour.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Server is shutdown (2012-08-02 16:39:29.0)
      The server is temporarily suspended, for cleaning of the server of the things received as a result of a bug.
    About start of the server it will be notified later.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Changes... (2012-08-01 11:14:56.0)
      Carefully! On Oz's earth and nearby to them monsters became more severe...
      Epoch of Worlds News
    Antok - Server updated (2012-07-24 18:41:19.0)
      The rune gem with "tek hamel" spell works now correctly
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Path 171 (2012-07-24 18:39:20.0)
      The problem with "alide hazde" is corrected
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Start of servers (2012-07-24 12:16:18.0)
      Start is postponed.
    Both servers will be started in 2 hours.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Server is shutdown (2012-07-24 11:33:04.0)
      Within an hour the server will be started
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Patch 170 (2012-07-23 17:13:22.0)
      1. Lands Ozi are added. Pass through the Pain Island.
    2. The algorithm of fishing is improved.
    3. Possibility to change speed of fishing with combinations of the Ctrl+'+' and Ctrl+'-' is added. Yo may use this keys when automatic fishing switching on.
      Epoch of Worlds News
    Antok - Server update (2012-07-10 20:10:56.0)
      Regeneration of a mana and health points is increased.
    Silence ban doesn't block private chat.
    Healing skill does'nt increase in zones where there is no PVP, except the newbia island.
      Epoch of Worlds News
    EoS-Admin - EoS Team (2012-06-15 12:20:12.0)
      From today, was added Antok into the team EoS
      Epoch of Worlds News
    EoS-Admin - New GM's (2012-06-09 22:57:13.0)
      Epoch of Worlds News
    EoS-Admin - New version of rules. (2012-06-09 18:26:09.0)
      Everyone acquainted with new rules in the relevant section.
    Was dismissed admin - Garbage.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Epoch of Shadow. (2012-06-05 02:25:30.0)
      New rules
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New Server (2012-06-01 20:45:28.0)
      Epoch of Shadows is starting!
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New Server! (2012-05-24 18:47:29.0)
      1 june. Second server "Epoch of Shadow" will be started!
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - PK list (2012-05-21 23:10:35.0)
      Only for Premium Accounts.
    You may see it in account menu.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Request of the new password (2012-05-19 18:05:55.0)
      You can send passwords as before
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Patch 167 (2011-04-23 04:03:35.0)
      1. Summer version of Rok Islands.
    2. Some Boses and items for maps in patch 166.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Patch 166 (2011-04-23 00:59:01.0)
      New Karend + New lands near Swamp and Elven Land
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Removal of the Games Masters (2011-03-09 22:30:59.0)
      Removed from his post as GM:
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Happy New Year! (2010-12-24 01:13:10.0)
      Winter... =)
    patch 164
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Server (2010-11-26 20:17:11.0)
      During coming week-end (on November, 27-28th) site and server switching-off is possible. Server restoration in this case is expected in mon-tue.
    The planned technical works.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Barring buying skills (2010-11-26 14:45:30.0)
      Buying a skill is disabled. Access to training lock (shop skills) is closed.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Portals/Exits (2010-07-31 07:26:20.0)
      At transition from NonPvP in PvP a zone - a delay of 7 seconds on start of PvP.
    At transition from PvP of a zone in PvP a zone if the character is in fight - an interdiction of 3 seconds for a portal reuse.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Patch 161 (2010-07-12 05:09:02.0)
      New maps are added in Nekrohause and throughout Fire Temple.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Upgrade (2010-07-12 04:48:38.0)
      Patch 161. Maps and items for Hi-levels players.

    Experience losses are increased and depend on the PK status.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Patch 160 (2010-07-03 20:07:52.0)
      Guilds Towers.
    Itrms of Avatar.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Changes Rock (2010-06-28 16:36:34.0)
      Added NPC and change existing ones. Now orch's shields and armor troll can sell. Added a description from an NPC in the city of Rock, where you can buy nets and other things.
    These are the first changes to Rock. In the near future will be added to spell "esani gre leda".
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Changes on a server (2010-06-14 19:43:14.0)
      alide ala - there was only a treatment
    esani olam and esani dera - are strengthened.
    esani darte - now can be used on players - undeads.

    esani atego on Rock is corrected and dissapear in due course, as well as in the basic world.

    The bug with not experience understating for monsters with levels for mages is corrected.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Bosses (2010-06-06 18:01:06.0)
      Some bosses in the Fire Temple are changed.
    Including it adds new things.
    New items.dat .
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Teams (2010-06-03 10:23:43.0)
      New range of team play:
    7+(team's leader)/550*43
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Rok Islands (2010-06-02 12:53:46.0)
      On the Rock Islands all restrictions - both on level and on skills are removed. Return on Rock from Karend too is impossible (Even for 0 levels with dead).
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Need help (2010-05-13 19:19:30.0)
      If you have iPod Touch or iPhone and can help us with testing simple RPG for this devices, please write to itx@mail.ru
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Map Editor SE1.6.4 (2010-05-05 16:57:34.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Bugfix patch 158 (2010-04-28 21:27:46.0)
      To correct the error should be removed from patch158 game folder and run the update again.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Path 157 (2010-04-24 14:46:16.0)
      Rok corrected
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Patch 156 (2010-04-23 12:40:58.0)
      Maps on Rock are added. Approach for 20 + levels more. Restrictions on Rock Islands will be soon removed. One part are behind the Death Island, the second through the ship from Rock.
    In the basic world the earths conducting from the Eremites to Island of Spirits are opened. Bosses and quests on them while are not present.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Guilds. (2010-04-17 13:14:35.0)
      All guilds was deleted.
    New Price:
    1. Registration = 500 000 GP
    2. Guilds Tower = 5 000 000 GP
    3. Every month paid for Tower = 1 000 000 GP
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Rock (2010-04-10 10:43:49.0)
      Path to Karend updated
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Maps of game's world (2010-03-30 19:12:32.0)
      Rok Islands
    First version of full World Map
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - SWEditor new version (2010-03-30 17:49:54.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Some changes (2010-03-23 23:41:02.0)
      Monsters on Rok islands have not "esani atego" now that.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Patch 154 (2010-03-18 11:01:54.0)
      Correction of some bugs of Rock Islands.
    Translation of Rock into English.
    Many old things, drawings are changed.
    Some things made by smiths have started to break.
    Defense of a set the Avatar is weakened.

    On a site the full version of the client, including a patch 154 is laid out. If at you any problems with game, it is recommended to remove it, to download and install the new full version of the game client.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - sms (2010-03-16 11:47:25.0)
      Only in Russia Available
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Forum (2010-03-15 15:07:41.0)
      The accounting records expecting acknowledgment, are activated.
    If someone's registration has not passed, the request to be registered once again, attentively answering additional questions.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Patch 152 (2010-03-14 17:41:28.0)
      - The remained maps of old Rock Islands are entered.
    - An avatar now without adjustment "rar item", it is possible to lose a staff.
    - The map "Island Hello Kitty" is added. Pass through ices.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Patch 151 (2010-03-12 16:18:23.0)
      Update for Rok.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Map Editor SE1.5.3 (2010-03-12 14:05:25.0)
      Setup file.
    Work with groups of map images and their installation on a map
    is completely changed. The mode "Preview" for object viewing on
    a map before its installation is added - it switches on at clamped
    button "Shift" when the object for installation is chosen and the mouse
    cursor over a map. New file "/tga/mapimg/TABS.dat" contain list of all tabs.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Patch 150 (2010-03-07 12:01:06.0)
      Rok island upgraded.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Tournament (2010-03-06 13:42:21.0)
      The request, all who was registered on tournament, to be in game till 18.00 (Moscow time), at 18.00 is begun.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Patch 149 (2010-03-06 10:54:41.0)
      Correction of a bug with permeability on all maps.
    Addition of a new drawing for the future maps.
    Summer =)
    The new version of the map editor with corrected function of arrangement permeability.
    At it there are two utilities for correction of already created maps.
    One changes a current open map - after that it should be save, the second processes all maps in a folder "maps" the editor.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New MapEditor (2010-02-27 20:32:39.0)
      Archive with MapEditor

    New exe file for it:
    Download and put in folder MapEditor/MapEditor/.

    version SE1.3 (27 feb 2010)
    New functions:
    File -> Reload Map (F5) - allow quick reload map
    Map -> Permiability ->
    ->Clear Permiability - delete all permiability points on map
    ->Set Permiability for whole map - mark all points on map as permiability
    ->Set Dungeon Permiability - make permiability map for dungeon
    ->Set water permiability - make water perniability for all type of lands
    Editor -> Reload Items - reload items.dat without reload MapEditor
    -> Reload monsters - reload monstr.std without reload MapEditor
    -> MapEditor Options - change options of MapEditor -
    - switching of modes of display of monsters
    In main window of MapEditor -> Layer menu -
    - checkboxes for on/off of display of the chosen layers are added
    Set water permiability function
    Changing color of monsters objects etc. when "Show permiability" on/off
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Premium for wmz (2010-02-25 16:11:05.0)
      1PA = 10wmz
    Bonus for 1 month pa = 2 blessed amulets
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - PvP (2010-02-23 14:24:51.0)
      Today PvP is started!
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Changes (2010-02-19 18:24:33.0)
      All zombies, trolls, gnomes, Swordsmen are strengthened.
    There are strengthened a part of bosses.
    Monsters to gnomes are added and in Anril - experience there has risen. In Netoze too increase, but because of the small sizes of a card - small.
    The strange talisman is a little strengthened. Its chance od drop in 3 times is increased.
    Changes are not finished yet, for example I did not touch orks and other monsters.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Monsters (2010-02-19 13:03:28.0)
      Attention! Parameters of monsters are changed. Many monsters became stronger!
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Patch 148. (2010-02-18 11:39:51.0)
      For competitions held now.
    +2 new personal houses in UC
    +all minimaps updating.
    +The gifts bought from Santa, collapse now after death. Durability 2, that mean that, after the first death durability falls to 1, after the second they break.
    +new map "Calm Lands" with restriction to 60-th level. An input from glory fields. Thx to Jackson Danaher.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - The postponed competitions (2010-02-17 09:16:48.0)
      Will take place today, at 21:00.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Server (2010-02-16 20:32:45.0)
      Server is running in normal mode.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New Year's quests (2010-02-16 09:10:47.0)
      That will diversify celebratory delivery of gifts it is spent the New Year's quests, all interested persons can take part today, on February, 17th, at 21:00 Moscow time. Will spend them for you Game Masters Sequrity and Eternity. The Prize fund and other details can be learnt at a forum (only Russian theme).
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Patch 148a (2010-02-14 11:44:28.0)
      Path148a.zip. Download and unpack in game folder.
    +new private house in UC.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Sunday (2010-02-13 23:35:46.0)
      Its 3 last reboot - after double exp times.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Reboot (2010-02-13 20:47:54.0)
      Reboot at 21-00 will change to 22-00
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Error with items info (2010-02-13 13:08:01.0)
      Download. Put it into folder:
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Nearest rebooting of server (2010-02-13 09:07:06.0)
      12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00, 00:00, 03:00. MSK Time
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Next Reboot (2010-02-12 23:04:18.0)
      12/02 9:00 (MSK time)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Presents (2010-02-12 16:24:25.0)
      In this theme you may see where you must find items under new year tree.
    All next reboots - presents will hidden and will not be visible.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Nearest rebooting of server (2010-02-11 18:36:26.0)
      Msk time.
    11.02 = 23:00
    12.02 = 15:00 / 23:00
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New Year Patch (patch 147) (2010-02-11 16:25:41.0)
      Once again I congratulate all of the holidays have passed!
    As you know, being in the world of shadow worlds (SW), does not flow as well like in other places. Usually it's always late =)
    So Happy New Year too, is not so smooth. In the world of SW new year has just begun! And in the next couple of weeks, you can try to find some gifts,
    scattered in many lands of the world, ST. Gifts appear randomly under the first time in restarting the server (restart server).
    In addition, to allow players to participate in this at all levels, on the server is temporarily disabled PvP (PvP).

    Do not use, please, no programs to play in this period.
    For any of them you will get banned 60 days and will be deprived of things.
    This is done to ensure that it was impossible to collect gifts, using unfair methods.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - AFK, skills, etc (2010-02-11 10:13:35.0)
    A theme at a forum in Russian.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Multiclient (2010-02-10 16:54:53.0)
      List of bans.
    Rules of Game.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Russian News (2010-02-08 13:23:27.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Automatic program of check logs! (2010-02-03 17:00:24.0)
      Multiclient checking!
    - for first time 7 days ban all of characters online;
    - 30 days ban for second time with any of characters, that belongs to same player;
    - With each violation term of ban will increase for 30 days.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Only Russian News (2010-01-30 12:34:19.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New items.dat file (2010-01-16 12:32:44.0)
    You must put this file into SWgame/tga/items
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Only Russian News (2010-01-09 11:05:16.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Russian News (2010-01-08 21:32:45.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New Years amnistions (2010-01-02 15:00:31.0)
      You may write to antok_bin@mail.ru
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Happy New Year! (2009-12-31 15:43:28.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - SD files (2009-12-23 04:22:53.0)
      Server , MapEditor , Client
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Game Rules (2009-11-23 21:06:49.0)
    If you have some questions about game rules write to Game Master Eternity.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - tek sa (2009-11-18 08:26:35.0)
      Only characters after 50 level may learn this spell now.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Only for russians - rules addons. (2009-11-17 09:56:21.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Weapons changed (2009-11-16 12:10:03.0)
      New Items.dat.
    You must copy this file to tga/items.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Server is running (2009-10-13 19:40:56.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Works on a server (2009-10-13 17:47:33.0)
      From 18-00 the server will work astably.
    Reboots without the prevention.
    Preparation for the future patches.
    About end of tests it will be written in news.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - only russian news (2009-10-09 10:22:55.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Path 146 (2009-10-08 16:23:04.0)
      Some new maps for middle and low lavels.
    - Trolls castle dungeon, stage 3-6. West Land.
    - New maps added to Dark Elves Lands.
    - New items for mages, warriors and archers for middle and low levels.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - only russian news (2009-10-03 09:56:01.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Path 145 (2009-09-30 16:46:42.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Path 145 (2009-09-27 10:57:04.0)
      Download and unpack in game folder.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Server is running (2009-09-26 21:50:26.0)
      Path coming soon
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Server shutdown. (2009-09-25 01:26:55.0)
      The server will be started tomorrow
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Patch 145 (2009-09-25 00:56:01.0)
    - New lands after Reserved Forest
    - New keys, wich may disappear when you go through portal.
    - New items: Gloves of Druid, Drafts of Gown of archmage and Retribution armor
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Path 144 (2009-09-15 13:32:34.0)
      Guild Towers.
    New Textures for test. You may see it, if go to the house near east exit from Karend
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - only russian news (2009-09-12 08:38:51.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Path 143 (2009-09-11 19:20:13.0)
      - New locations aftet Pirats islands.
    - New items. Items of Dark for warrior about 300 levels
    - Fear Helmet for mages.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New GMs: (2009-09-01 15:06:20.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New Patch (2009-08-13 17:06:11.0)
      Download and unpack in game folder
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Only Russian (2009-08-01 21:12:51.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - PvP in Karend (2009-07-12 14:29:15.0)
      Now enable
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - PvP in Karend disable (2009-07-04 13:50:23.0)
      Special for tournament
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - PvP in Karend (2009-05-31 20:15:22.0)
      Now Karend is PvP zone.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - only russian (2009-04-24 02:02:30.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Bans for bot using (2009-04-14 00:46:49.0)
      Bowstyle - 30 days,
    Exs - 60 days,
    Manaburn - 180 days
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - English forum (2009-04-03 11:22:07.0)
      Now we have a forum for English-speaking players.
    English Forum
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Old Karend + 3 new private house (2009-03-31 12:02:38.0)
      Download patch and extract in game folder.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New Game Masters (2009-03-26 23:54:08.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Ban for bot using (2009-03-16 11:34:58.0)
      Dij - 30 days,
    Aston - 180 days,
    Flint - 180 days,
    Xao - 60 days,
    Dagger - 180 days.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Some works on server (2009-01-29 15:00:41.0)
      The site and game will be probably inaccessible with 31го January on 2е February. The forum will work.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Attention! (2009-01-20 23:37:14.0)
      Karend is PvP zone now!
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Happy New Year! (2008-12-31 15:02:22.0)
      New year patch. Also it include some new maps. I may come on it throw swamp.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Only russian (2008-12-28 03:53:55.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New Year unbans (2008-12-28 02:36:13.0)
    aasrt 924
    Ajax 843
    Aksoe 862
    Amberit 955
    amfetamin 964
    Angell 879
    Angoz 924
    Arxangel 884
    Aypyc 964
    Bay 777
    Bes 798
    Bonkers 843
    bubble 24
    Buddha 964
    Bunker 964
    Bupyc 2
    Bupycok 2
    Camedy 731
    Craft 956
    Daduda 985
    DarkTerran 935
    DemenToR 777
    Derevo 964
    Desperado 3
    Elfer 962
    engy 4
    Escape 894
    Explorer 843
    Farox 924
    Fear 843
    GANGBANG 924
    Georgia 924
    Greed 814
    gribok 956
    gyf 948
    Heja 1
    hyciik 948
    Inspektor 846
    Intel 981
    Jakolam 924
    jeremy 924
    Kloiuyh 924
    Korpus 990
    Koshmarik 933
    KUkfittan 924
    Lana 879
    Last_fight 965
    lionheart 946
    Lopaka 924
    Lutiy 963
    Lynatik 12
    Magazin 955
    Magican 883
    Magnat 879
    Malush 816
    Master 923
    maxlord 1
    Metiz 8
    Milo 964
    Mistake 983
    Mitchell 777
    Mortal 12
    Nastena 30
    Palevo 964
    Penal 38
    Penalop 924
    Peratov 923
    PKYOU 924
    Quake 964
    Raburtz 924
    REBARY 5
    Redphoenix 924
    Sector 879
    Seq 964
    Shren 816
    Slayer 894
    sOulJah 10
    Sow 997
    sven 16
    Teran 924
    Terorist 871
    Terrorist 871
    Triant 990
    Trigada 871
    Triiant 990
    Tvar 966
    Ulamoz 924
    Vankor 957
    Vilopa 924
    Wamer 924
    weedster 879
    Winston 946
    Xbx 981
    XeB 964
    Ymolka 924
    Zamoro 978
    Zarika 798
    ZaTaMoTe 843
    Zay 7
    Zig 803
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Only russian (2008-12-09 00:20:22.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Change your password! (2008-12-08 20:51:05.0)
      The error is found in the game, allowing password breakings. I advise to replace passwords with absolutely casual character set and symbols 10 and more in the password
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Remove inactive Game Masters (2008-12-07 22:50:38.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Only for testers (2008-11-12 21:13:18.0)
      patch 141beta
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Server started (2008-11-12 19:37:01.0)
      Thanks for expectation
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Server shutdown (2008-11-12 18:22:23.0)
      We make update for server.
    Please wait...
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Ban for SpeedHack (2008-11-11 16:48:34.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Change Rules of Game (2008-11-10 20:10:03.0)
      Now only Russian version =(
    Translate coming soon =)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - SMS (2008-11-06 17:05:52.0)
      SMS serivce again online
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - SMS (2008-10-24 15:36:35.0)
      Sms services temporaly down.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Game Masters (2008-10-13 05:49:51.0)
      - Garbastu
    + Mono
    + Stereo
    + Lex
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New Game Master (2008-10-08 14:45:03.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Meet in Moscow (2008-10-04 00:33:59.0)
      Only for Moscow
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Patch 141 (2008-09-25 20:09:48.0)
      Only for testers + correct some bags on old maps
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Deleted (2008-09-25 16:45:14.0)

    for using incorrect bot with fish catching.
    It cause server go down
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Russian news (2008-09-24 04:59:37.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Change rule (2008-09-23 22:58:17.0)
      With 24/09/08 for parts 1.1-1.8 (abuse) of SW rules - ban 1-3 days
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Hero Class (2008-09-17 22:16:26.0)
      When u reach 400+ level u may change your characters on hero class char. In this topic u may write yours suggestion what hero class is mean?
    For example - You may get 0 level char and get only half exp for monsters, but with each new level instead two point you get +3 for each papametrs (str, wiz, etc.)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New GM (2008-09-11 05:13:17.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - -35% damage for archer (2008-08-25 21:31:36.0)
      You may use it if your wisdom < 100 and u wear a bow
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New Admins (2008-08-25 15:07:44.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - .. (2008-08-12 17:22:04.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - PA by SMS (2008-08-07 17:45:40.0)
      Sorry only available in Russian
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Bug (2008-06-30 13:18:52.0)
      Mormak account delete, because bug using
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New Rule (2008-05-15 23:00:48.0)
      6. Flud - recurrence in a chat of one and more same phrases, more often, than one message of times in the certain time interval (1 minute). Including with use "dem mas" - ban 3 days.

      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - SW Market (2008-04-30 15:00:19.0)
      We have characters 100-200 levels for sale.
    If you need you may write to antok_bin@mail.ru
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Changes in rules! (2008-04-24 19:02:29.0)
      1.1 Obscene (not normative) lexicon in the general channel;
    1.2 ;
    1.3 insults;
    1.4 racist statements or use of words with racist bent;
    1.5 statements about sexual orientation or use of words of this orientation;
    1.6 including all aforesaid in reductions and the disguised forms;
    1.7 use of acceptable words but in a context meaning any display of the aforesaid;
    1.8 including, in some cases it is supposed

    - ban for 1 day.

    1.9 Use of the aforesaid in names of characters
    - block of the character untill renaming.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New Game Master (2008-04-22 15:28:55.0)
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - SpeedHack (2008-04-17 19:50:52.0)
      For using speedhack you will be banned for a mounth instead of 5 days
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Market of Characters (2008-04-17 19:43:08.0)
      With this new service you may buy one of exists characters in game. If its owner want to sell it and send us his offer. Or you may give your offer for your character.

    If its intresting for you send letter on antok_bin@mail.ru

      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - For archers and warriors (2008-04-16 18:45:37.0)
      Archers have now more damage per shot.
    Warriors may run and hit with 100% after 100 level.

      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Status (2008-04-15 00:10:55.0)
      If you have neutarl status , after die you los not more then 1 item
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - New Rule (2008-04-14 21:45:57.0)
      From this time in underground city for blocking respawn - 1 day ban.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Tournament (2008-04-12 03:28:34.0)
      The tournament first game, will be lead April 12, year 2008 at 17 o'clock on time Moscow! Tournament will spend Timager. ICQ 253846604 prizes will be valuable, but for frameworks items in game not leaving. Cost of participation of 100 coins * a level of the character. All participants will be broken on groups proceeding from a profession and a level. Registration begins at 16.00 Moscow time in game.
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Fix (2008-04-02 13:29:01.0)
      Miners can extract mifril.
    Undead City is non pvp location
      Shadow Worlds: Classic
    Antok - Maps change (2008-04-01 17:11:14.0)
      We complete change all EOS maps to old SW maps


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