Game Manual

  • 1. Character creation
  • 2. Character attributes
  • 3. Combat
  • 4. Magic
  • 5. Skills
  • 6. Objects
  • 7. Monsters
  • 8.Communication
  • 9. Other options
    1. Character creation

    After registering your account you can access your account by clicking on "My Account" and then entering your account name and password.
    You then have several options
    1. You can change your password
    2. You can create a character to play with

    You can then click on "Add Character" to create a character (you can create up to 5 characters).
    This will open the character creation window. Here you first have to choose the world you want your character to play on. Then you give your character a name.Your character name can not be changed , so should try to think of a good name. Do not choose any names, that could be offensive to other players and do not choose a name that is very similar to another characters name.Choose a gender for your character.

    Choose one of the four races:
  • Elfs are good in using magic and long range weapons
  • Humans are average in all areas.
  • Gnomes are strong and have a lot of endurance
  • Orcs are also very strong and are good warriors.

    After choosing a race, click on register, to get your
    character registered.
    The first step of character creation is now finished.

    Now you should run the game software you have downloaded and click on "start game". Then you can choose a character to play with.
    After your Character appears in the game, you should distribute the Base and Skill points to the attributes and skills you prefer.
    On the right side of the screen, you will see several rows of symbols. Click on the second from the left of the upper row to open your Character Data window.
    You start with 2 Base points (for attributes) and 20 Skill points (for skills). You can distribute those points by simply clicking on the skill or attribute you wan to raise and then using the small gray arrows.
    After you distributed all points you have to click on the little green arrow in the bottom right corner to verify your changes.
    Now the character creation is finished and you can start the adventure.(also look at the Newbie Tips section of the Website for some tips)


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